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Aquatic Weed Removal Services

Based in Crystal Lake, Illinois, ClearWater Plant Harvesters is one of the only companies in the state of Illinois that specializes in mechanical lake weed harvesting and removal for lakes, rivers, ponds, harbors and other waterways.

Plant or weed harvesting is an environmentally sound method of controlling nuisance vegetation and allowing recreational use of the surface water (boating, swimming, fishing, etc.). Our Harvester is a barge-mounted machine that operates like an aquatic mower, cutting and collecting aquatic vegetation up to 5 ft. deep. Weeds then are unloaded to our on-shore trailer for haul away to your pre-approved location.



  • Eco-Friendly
  • Efficient
  • Safe
  • Clean


Recreational leaders say...

"Mechanical, plant harvesting is an effective way to remove aquatic plants and weeds to reduce our reliance on using chemicals in our waterways. This will improve the quality of recreation on our lakes for boaters, fishers, and swimmers."

Dennis Jahnke, Superintendent of Parks
Crystal Lake Park District

The ClearWater Plant Harvesters crew has a passion for conserving and maintaining our natural resources and is experienced in lake and park district management. We are committed to your waterway's plant harvesting needs.

Call 815.322.6630 for more info or to schedule an appointment. We're here to help clean your lake the natural way! Learn about our aquatic weed removal services today