Central Illinois Aquatic Weed Control

If you’re located in the Central Illinois area and require aquatic weed control and removal services, we at Clearwater Harvesters can help! Don’t let recreational users get bogged down by meddlesome vegetation. We use our efficient harvester to cut and collect any water plants that are present (up to 5 ft. deep). This process avoids any chemicals needed to be placed in the water. We then transport the collection of weeds onto our trailer on-shore and take them away to a location of your choice.

If your pond, lake, or any other waterway becomes infested with troublesome weeds, recreational activities on the water can become nonexistent. Fishing becomes difficult as lines can easily get caught. Boating motors can also become tangled and swimming would be restricted as well. Allow your visitors to enjoy the benefits of your pond or lake by removing the weeds.

Keeping your water free of overgrowing aquatic vegetation is important. By letting the water plants turn into muck after the season is over, the weeds will thrive the following season creating an even worse problem than before. Some solutions call for dumping chemicals in the water to kill the plants. However, this can result in harming animals, humans, and other important plants that interact with the water source. Here at Clearwater Harvesters, our goal is to ensure your pond or lake’s weeds are under control by just removing them.

Let Clearwater Harvesters assist you with your lake or pond weeds today! We have helped many in the Central Illinois region. See the benefits of having a cleaner waterway. Give us a call at 815.322.6630 to learn more. We are ready to give your visitors the recreational water experience they deserve weed free!