Northern Illinois Pond Weed Control

Looking for pond weed control in Northern Illinois? Let Clearwater Harvesters help today. We know that Northern Illinois is home to some of the most beautiful lakes, ponds, and other waterways. However, they can look unappealing or dirty to some when not kept clean. Long growing weeds often disrupt any fun aquatic recreational activities. With help from Clearwater Harvesters, we can clear any pesky water weeds today without the use of harmful chemicals. We use our lake weed harvester machine to cut and collect the unwanted aquatic plants. Once we remove the unwanted vegetation, we can dispose of them in a pre-approved location of your choice.

If your pond, lake, or waterway sees a lot of recreational traffic, then keeping it clean can be vital. Fishing becomes difficult as the weeds can get lines stuck and fish can be lost. Boaters also have a difficult time navigating through the weeds as their motors can become obstructed inhibiting their ability to move as well as potential damages occurring. Swimmers also will be unable to swim with ease with such little space. When your pond or lake is clean, your users will be able to enjoy the benefits.

Not keeping up with pond or lake maintenance can hurt long term. By not tending to your weeds, this can actually create more problems and vegetation in the following year. Once your weeds die at the end of the season, they turn into muck which gives nutrients and a great base for even more future pesky aquatic plants to grow. While applying chemicals may appear to be a simple and easy solution, it can ultimately harm animals and creatures that interact with the water as well as your recreational users. Using a non-chemical approach to removing your weeds is the best way to control them.

Take care of your problem before it gets out of hand. We have helped clean many lakes and ponds in the area resulting in a cleaner and more fun environment for your users. Our advanced machinery will easily collect your unwanted vegetation quickly. Get started by giving us a call at 815.322.6630! Let Clearwater Harvesters give you a hand today.