Northern Indiana Aquatic Weed Control

Here at Clearwater Harvesters, we offer Northern Indiana high quality aquatic weed control. With our efficient equipment, we are able to make lake weed removal an easy and quick process. We understand how important it is to keep a clean environment for both animals and humans that use the pond, lake, or other water source. By removing weeds without the use of chemicals, we are able to help both those seeking to use the water for recreational use as well as ensuring chemicals do not affect the living conditions or health of animals. After collecting the aquatic grass and meddlesome vegetation, we transport it to a preapproved area for disposal.

Lakes, ponds, and other waterways are perfect getaways for aquatic activities. On nice days, you will often see fishermen, boaters, and swimmers out enjoying the day on the water. However, these recreational hobbies can be difficult to do if there are too many weeds present. Those troublesome plants can cause hooks to get caught, cause boats to stall, and affect swimming conditions. With a clean pond, your visitors will be able to have a great experience.

Too often, we see aquatic vegetation take over a pond or lake while the caretaker allows this to happen. They believe that once the season is over, their worries will be over as well. However, this only fuels the growth of new aquatic weeds. The muck that the old weeds create simply creates a more nutrient rich environment for next season’s vegetation to feed off of. Taking care of your plant obstructions is important. Clearwater Harvesters uses methods that don’t involve the use of harmful chemicals. To keep your pond vegetation under control, give us a call today!

If you need help removing your water weeds, we can help. Lake weed removal has never been easier and we will even help move what we cut to a pre-disclosed location. Give Clearwater Harvesters a call at 815.322.6630 to get started today.