Southern Michigan Aquatic Weed

Clearwater Harvesters has helped the Southern Michigan area with aquatic weed harvesting and removal over the years. Our service is fast, easy, and allows your pond, lake, or waterway to look appealing again to your visitors. With Michigan offering a copious amount of water sports, fishing, and swimming areas, it is vital to keep those areas weed free. Don’t allow wild aquatic vegetation take away recreational water activities from your guests. Let Clearwater Harvesters help today!

When you encounter weeds, you may wonder if removing them is that important. The answer is yes! They can deeply affect your visitors’ recreational hobbies. Fishing lines become tangled as boat motors can get caught up as well. Swimming becomes almost non-existent as no one likes swimming with plants grazing you as you pass by. Don’t wait as the problem can become worse.

Many pond or lake caretakers believe that they can just wait until next season to take care of their vegetation problem. After all, the weeds will die at the end of the season anyways. However, they end up turning into much creating rich nutrients for next year’s plants to feed on. Other companies may offer solutions by putting chemicals into your water. While they may kill off some weeds, they can be harmful to both the animals and humans that interact with your water. At Clearwater Harvesters, we pride ourselves in not using harmful chemicals. Rather, we use our machines to cut the weeds. We then relocate the cut vegetation to a pre-discussed location.

If you feel like the weeds are creeping in, don’t worry. Let Clearwater Harvesters help you with our aquatic weed harvesting and removal services in the Southern Michigan area. Not only will you experience fast and great services, your visitors will thank you as well! Call 815.322.6630 to learn more about how we can help today!