Remove Pesky Weeds in Your Water

Let us take care of aquatic weed harvesting in IL, MI, WI, IA and across the Midwest

Has it gotten harder to navigate your lake due to all the weeds? You should connect with Clearwater Plant Harvesters for aquatic weed harvesting. We’ll use environmentally friendly methods to eliminate the weeds in your water.

Once the weeds are gone, you can get back to:

  • Taking the boat out
  • Swimming in the lake
  • Enjoying the beautiful view

Contact us today to discuss the aquatic weed harvesting you need in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, or other parts of the Midwest.

Check out this short video!

Aquatic Weed Harvesting Madison, WI

We use a mechanical lake weed harvester in our work

Clearwater Plant Harvesters specializes in mechanical lake weed harvesting and removal for commercial lakes and other waterways. Plant or weed harvesting is an environmentally sound method of controlling nuisance vegetation and allowing recreational use of the surface water (boating, swimming, fishing, etc.)

Our mechanical lake weed harvester operates like an aquatic mower, cutting and collecting aquatic vegetation up to 6 ft. deep.

Call now to find out more about the mechanical lake weed harvester we use in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and the surrounding states.